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I know it can be really confusing for Amazon affiliates to figure out on their own how to build profitable websites.

With all of the constant software and training releases, it is difficult to keep track of what you should focus on with your affiliate business.

A lot of affiliates also fall into the “automated content trap” where you become dependent on software that basically creates entire websites for you.

The BIG problem with an automated content trap is that it is very appealing to beginners, but in reality, those automated websites sit there without attracting free, targeted traffic or earning commissions.

You’re not along with these struggles because all new affiliates have been there, and that is the reason why this Amazon training library exists – so you won’t fall into that trap!

After we figured out a reliable way to build profitable affiliate sites, one after the next, and saw that thousands of other members of the Amazon Associates Program were struggling to do the same, we decided to create and release this library to help others.

This method to build Amazon affiliate sites has stood the test of time too. Websites created in 2010 and even earlier, using our exact methods, still maintain great search engine rankings and Amazon earnings today. Even brand new websites created using our methods are able to achieve the same success, so this is truly a strategy that you can adopt and follow for years while you grow your business to any size you want.


If you have not found success as an Amazon affiliate yet, it may be because you have been trying too many different pieces of strategies without having a complete game plan and a clear focus for your work.

Most people learn this lesson the hard way with years of failure and a lot of wasted money, but if can follow one piece of advice you can avoid those failures…

Maintain your focus on ONE project at a time and see it to completion, and whether it is a success or a failure, you will make progress as an affiliate marketer.

Simply put: when you jump from one project to the next, you guarantee a 100% failure rate – incomplete projects can’t earn money and you won’t learn how to improve without finishing it to see if it works.


You also want to be sure that your approach can produce results when it is used over and over again – combine this with a dedicate to complete each project you start to put yourself on the fast-track to success.

The types of sites that you will learn to build from this Amazon training library can be created over and over again for any niche market you want to target.

You’ll be able to attract free, targeted traffic for many years too, and this is one of the most important keys to create a strong, recurring monthly income with Amazon.

Many affiliates fear Google updates, but the websites we’ve built actually perform better after Google updates. You see, Google will always try to remove low-quality affiliate websites from their rankings, so you simply have to give Google what they want to avoid this problem forever.

When you follow our training and focus on one project at a time, you will be able to create successful Amazon affiliate websites.


Ryan Stevenson has been a professional affiliate marketing for more than 20 years, and he packed all of his career knowledge into a series of hands-on training courses that is now available as the Team Azon Pro library for Amazon affiliates.

With all of his training and software, you’ll have step-by-step guidance to build an Amazon affiliate empire as big as you want it!

Take a look at some of the training courses and software that you’ll find inside Team Azon Pro (this is just a partial list)…


Your primary goal as an Amazon affiliate should be to build as many sites as you can on a wide variety of subjects. Another option is to build just a few sites but make them large, authority sites that cover a broad niche. However, smaller sites that target highly defined niche will usually have an easier time obtaining search rankings, which is why I recommend this method for most (but especially beginners). You should not attempt large sites (more than 20 pages) unless you are sure you will be able to complete them.

Azon Master Class 1
Also known as the Azon Home Study Course, this series is the backbone strategy for long-term Amazon affiliate sites, and it teaches you, step-by-step, how to build 20-page niche websites. This course has now been updated with version 2.0 to reflect more recent changes with Amazon, search engines and WordPress.
Azon 30 Day Challenge
For complete beginners, this series avoids the use of overly technical concepts to make the site creation process as easy as possible for your first time. If you have never built a website before, this course is for you! This series also focuses on 20-page niche sites.
Hobby Azon
This series can work for a smaller, 20-page niche site, but it is really more intended as a larger authority site that is continually updated and built upon. Your goal with this course is to share your personal hobby with the world. You’ll build an audience for that hobby (usually a Facebook Group) and also build a website to refer Amazon sales.
Azon Overhaul
This series is NOT a complete site building course. Instead, it focuses on updating existing Amazon sites to improve traffic and/or sales. If you have existing sites that aren’t performing, use this course to fix those sites.
Azon Master Class 2
This series could loosely be considered a predecessor to Hobby Azon, although this series isn’t solely focused on hobby niches. However, this series is focused on building larger authority sites that are also connected with a social media audience.
Azon Master Class 3
The goal of this course is to teach you to build location-based, Amazon niche sites (generally around 20 pages). These websites take more time and effort to create but are extremely powerful with search engine rankings when done the right way.

Beyond creating Amazon websites, there are other skills that you’ll need to know to succeed or will simply make your life a lot easier. A lot of these skills go way beyond being an Amazon affiliate though – you’ll learn things that will help you no matter what kind of online business or businesses you run.

Weaver Theme Training
Weaver is the WordPress theme that I use to build all of my WordPress based websites. This training was done with Weaver 2.0, but Weaver Xtreme is now the current available version. The backend of Weaver Xtreme does look a bit different, but basically the same options are still there (they just may not be located in the exact same spot). You can also find Weaver Xtreme demonstrated in some of my training courses like Azon Overhaul and Hobby Azon.
IM Taxes
My recommendations on federal income taxes for internet marketers living in the USA. While my advice should NOT be used in place of your own tax professional, you truly need to know this info to be able to report income and expenses properly to your accountant to ensure that you aren’t paying more than you should be in federal income tax. You should be deducting every penny spent on your online business to minimize your tax obligations (even if your business doesn’t make money). Similar laws may exist in other countries – check with your tax professional to see what you can legally deduct for your business.
Techie Master Class
Learn cPanel, HTML, CSS, PHP and Troubleshooting skills useful for any WordPress user so you can get more creative with your sites and to avoid paying others for simple, technical tasks.
Niche Content Crash Course
Learn how to write high quality content for any subject with a focus on search engine optimization, even if you know nothing about it.

Beyond creating Amazon websites, there are other skills that you’ll need to know to succeed or will simply make your life a lot easier. A lot of these skills go way beyond being an Amazon affiliate though – you’ll learn things that will help you no matter what kind of online business or businesses you run.

Niche Training
Each niche training class covers a specific niche to teach you about the industry and to give you my recommendations on how to go about targeting it as an affiliate. Even if you can’t find the niche you want to target here, watch a lesson or two to get an idea of how I break down a niche because these same concepts can be applied to any industry.
Bonus Training
Other standalone lessons that don’t fit elsewhere may be put here. While this group won’t be updated very frequently, there may still be additions here now and again. Many of these will be bonus videos that I have created for my affiliate promotions because I often teach information that I believe could be useful for you.
Q&A Recordings
I’ve done a number of open question and answer sessions, via live webinar. Here you can watch the recordings from these sessions. Many of the questions others have asked can easily apply to other people, so this knowledge can be useful for anyone.
I don’t consider myself to be a motivational speaker, but I still needed to share this information about working at home as an internet marketer because it presents unique challenges that simply aren’t found in normal “9-to-5” jobs.
WP Anti-Hack
Learn to protect and safeguard your WordPress websites from hackers, including a fail-safe option that will help you recover from 100% of attacks.
Secure Websites Master Class
Utilize SSL certificates for secure websites to make your sites look more professional, provide more consumer confidence and even to boost your search rankings.

I sometimes create training courses for other products that I did not create, especially if I use the product for Amazon and/or if many of you commonly use the product for Amazon. If you own and use any of the products here, my training will show you my recommendations for using them as an Amazon affiliate.

Fresh Store Builder Training
Fresh Store Builder is an Amazon affiliate website creation software that does NOT use WordPress. Generally, I don’t recommend using automated store builders, but this particular one does allow for a ton of customization. I demonstrate how to use this software to create custom Amazon sites. This training could also be useful if you use another automated store builder besides this software because my recommendations on how to use this type of software still apply.
WP Profit Builder Training
Profit Builder is a page designer for marketers for WordPress. It can be used to easily create professional looking marketing pages of any kind without any design or coding experience. It’s great for any kind of affiliate marketing, but it can also do direct sales, audience / list building and much more. This series includes my custom Profit Builder 2.0 template for Amazon affiliate review pages.
Explaindio 8-Day Challenge
Explaindio is one of the leading video creator software titles. In this training, I demonstrate how to use it to create Amazon product review videos. This training specifically uses Explaindio 2.0, but it should still be relevant for earlier or even later versions.

Team Azon Pro also gives you access to software that helps you quickly create professional looking Amazon affiliate ads to place anywhere you want on your websites. All members receive 11 commercial WordPress plugins with developers licenses for use on unlimited domains – this licensing even allows you to sell the websites you build and include the software! With this bundle of plugins, you’ll be able to create almost any kind of ad you need for any situation.

Take a look at a small sample of the different kinds of ads that can be created with these plugins..

Combo Ad Bundles Multiple Products

Affiliate Ad Comparison Chart

Simple Affiliate Ads

Accessory Upsell Ads

Product Information Ad

Whether you are brand new to the Amazon Associates Program or are an experienced affiliate, the training and software in Team Azon Pro can teach you priceless marketing and website skills that you’ll use for your entire marketing career. Everything inside of Team Azon Pro was made by Ryan Stevenson, a professional affiliate marketer, so you can rest assured that you’re going to receive real-world information that can actually help you get started and succeed in this industry. Most other marketers sell gimmicks and tricks that always fail long-term, but you’ll only find sustainable marketing strategies in Team Azon Pro.
Everything included with Team Azon Pro..

  • 11 WordPress Plugins
  • 12 HTML / CSS Code Generators
  • 22 Templates
  • 21 Work Checklists
  • 92 eBook Guides
  • 182 Video Classes & Webinar Recordings (Most are 1-2 hours long)
  • *New Ongoing Training Added Periodically!
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